5 Factors That Influence Your Weight

5 Factors That Influence Your Weight

When it comes to a person’s weight, there are a lot of factors involved; weight varies drastically from one person to the next. We all know that eating too much of the wrong foods is sure to contribute to weight gain, but there are five other factors that play roles in determining your weight.



1. Stress level-When we are stressed our bodies produce extra cortisol, which is a hormone that is critical for maintaining biochemical balance. Due to the hormone adjustment, our bodies collect fat around our midlines, which can later lead to cardiovascular disease. The appetite also has a tendency to increase when cortisol levels are higher, which results in over-eating. It’s best to find ways to manage stress to prevent this form of unwanted weight gain

2. Portions-Adjusting your portions is one of the simplest approaches to influencing your weight and it’s best to opt for a smaller plate or bowl, instead of the standard size that is so common today.

3. Sleep- Those who get seven or more hours of sleep a night are more likely to have leaner physiques. Because cortisol levels are typically lower in the evenings after 10:00pm, it’s best to call it a night before then. The self-confessed “night owls” are victims of rising cortisol levels and when these levels are higher, more calories end up being stored as fat.

4. Green tea-If you’ve ever wondered why Japanese people are so thin, statistics show that it’s due to their main source of drink…green tea. Those who drink green tea are less likely to have absorption of triglycerides and cholesterol. As an added bonus, green tea drinkers are more likely to have more excretion of body fat. Drinking eight cups a day is shown to lower total blood fats, however; not everyone wants to put back that much green tea, which is why there are also supplements available.

5. Temperature-While it’s always nice to turn up the heat in our homes, it actually turns up the size of our clothes. Being exposed to mildly cooler weather kicks our bodies into gear making them have to work harder to keep us warm. In turn, our bodies burn more calories. If you want to get your daily dose of chill in, you can always opt for a walk out in the colder weather, or turn down the heat in the shower and make your body work to stay warm that way. 

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