4 Myths That Won't Cause Weight loss

4 Myths That Won't Cause Weight loss

Let’s cut to the chase here…contrary to what we would love to believe, there is only one thing that works and that is focus. Like most things in life, you just need to keep your eye on the ball. In this case, that focus will be on losing those additional pounds that have snuck up on you over the years. As you are tackling your weight loss journey, you are going to want to beware of a few myths floating around out there. Here are four that will hopefully give you confidence in fighting this battle head on.



  1. It’s impossible to lose weight. No need to be deterred by the naysayers out there. There is a good chance that anyone who has told you that it’s impossible, is someone who didn’t know what to do. It most certainly is possible, and studies have found that the most common theme amongst those who have been successful with their weight loss were people who changed their diet and watched less television. So, maybe it’s time to turn off the TV and prep tomorrow’s meals. 

  2. Eating less and exercising more is the only way to lose weight. Wrong! It’s all about metabolism and how your body reacts to the foods your put in it. So, if you focus on healthier foods that reset your metabolism like in Dr. Restivo’s program, then your body will turn into a fat-burning machine. Fill up on a healthy bowl of strawberries and sprinkle some chocolate protein shake powder on the strawberries instead of a small cookie. Both have the same number of calories, however the strawberry’ benefits outweigh that measly little cookie that will leave you crashing in no time.

  3. We are overweight because we eat too much. Mathematically that sounds about right but it’s not how much we eat but what we are putting into our bodies that ultimately causes the fat buildup. We have become a society who lives off of the convenience of fast-food, high-calorie and processed foods. Trade in the fast-food for some natural fruits, veggies and proteins.

  4. In order to see health changes, you need to lose a substantial amount of weight. False! According to research, people with only a weight loss of 10%, experienced changes in their blood pressure and blood sugar and lowered their risk for Type 2 diabetes and heart disease.

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