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Yu Cream

Yu Cream

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yü InfiniSerum contains active ingredients that work beneath the surface to recalibrate skin's DNA, reset its genetic expression, repair damage, and restore its natural architecture.

yü InfiniSerum contains five powerhouse active ingredients, each with substantial scientific support and clinical data that show its anti-aging effects on skin. The anchor active ingredient, Equol, shocked the cosmeceutical world in 2012, with unprecedented data showing almost unbelievable anti-aging effects in the skin.

Skin care that AVOIDS the guessing game. We want you to know what you are putting on your skin, and why. Discover how yü InfiniSerum naturally works reclaim your youth!

This cream is perfect for any hCG related diet that limits the use of creams because they reach the blood stream and the body senses it is receiving fat and slows the burning of the fat during dieting. Yu stays on the surface of the skin, where you want it. No slowing down weight loss. This cream is a wonderful adjunct to certain diets that focus on clarify the message to the brain to improve full diencephalon reset/fat burning Yu InfiniSerum contains the same 21 targeted and supportive homeopathic ingredients used in our WLP40 Formula-that have proven their exceptional weight-loss support to our patients following the WLP40 protocol.
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loved their experience

"Immediately I had more energy and my focus and attention span was much better than it had been."


"I would recommend this program to anyone, who's serious about losing weight and staying healthy."

  JIM,  34lb IN 40 DAYS

"Weather you are looking for a weight loss or to just get your body in touch and back on track - Call dr. Restivo"

Laura, New York

"I have not felt so great in many years. The program has helped me with my health and with my chronic pain."

Candy, Long Island

"I was looking for a program that didn't require an extensive exercise regime and significant diet attendance."

Lori, Richfield

"Nobody can believe how thin I look. I feel fabulous, I get compliments all the time and my selfconfidence is through the roof."

Paige, New York

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