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Offer IV: Easy Pay 31%OFF Save $137 ea shipment

Offer IV: Easy Pay 31%OFF Save $137 ea shipment

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With this program you will receive unlimited texting, email, phone support, Dr. Restivo's weight loss manual and access to Dr. Restivo's detox videos,  If you are looking for a healthcare solution that won't break the bank-this is the perfect plan for you! Our budgeted pricing weight loss program is perfect for young professionals, new parent's, seniors, military and more. The program is offered over 12-24 months with 6 installments of $293.50 (3-6) times per year* must be on autopay for 12-24 months every 2-4 months payment (you choose delivery)

Here's what's included: 

  1. Mini Manual List of what to eat, chart what they are eating
  2. MCT OIL
  3. Professional Weight Maintenance
  4. Peach mango vitamin
  5. Veloci tea
  6. Sugar Craving Drops
  7. (30 servings) WLP Fluffy Chocolate or Vanilla
  8. Texting and email support
  9. Password to Dr. Restivo's detox video.

$293.95 Total  Compare at $839.97

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